How to Block Ads in Terabox MOD APK

Terabox MOD APK provides user-friendly navigation with ultimate security features. It offers unlocked premium features, including an ad-free experience. I like the app and recommend it because it is customizable and keeps your data protected. In the Terabox MOD version, you can choose whether to block ads or not.

The Terabox cloud service has experienced exponential growth in recent months. People have shown positive feedback about the app due to its user-friendly features and services. It offers 1TB of free cloud storage, automated data backups, AES-256 data encryption, and much more. If you are also using Terabox and want to explore it further, this article will be very helpful.

How to Block Ads In Terabox?

If you are also fed up with annoying ads while using Terabox like me, here is the solution that I implemented to get rid of these irritating ads. You need to follow the instructions given below to remove the ads from your app.

Use Ads Blocker

You can use third-party tools or extensions to block the ads. Many ad-blocker extensions are available on different browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

Ads Blocker

Using Java and CSS scripts, these extensions block all types of ads, including pop-ups, banners, sticky, and video ads. Nano Ads Blocker and Ads Guard are some tools you can use. You just have to install and enable them to start working.

Disable Third Party Access

Block 3rd Party Access

Terabox displays third-party ads on your account using different ad networks. You can block this third party’s access to your account by accessing the app settings. Find the ‘Third-Party Apps Management’ option and disable the permission to restrict ads from appearing in your app.

Use Premium Services

Paid Plan

Terabox also offers paid plans with more convenient features. You can upgrade your free plan to a premium plan to enjoy ad-free app usage, more cloud storage space, and access to live official support.

Contact Official Support

Contact Support

Final words

By applying all the methods we discussed, the ads are still appearing on your app. Now, you should contact official support for Terabox to resolve the issue. Terabox support is available on Telegram, and you can reach out to them there. They will prioritize resolving your issue.

The Terabox MOD version is the best option for ad-free app usage without any hassle. However, if you still want to use the standard version of Terabox from the Play Store or App Store, you can employ ad blocker tools or subscribe to a premium Terabox plan.

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