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Terabox, a free cloud storage service globally launched by the Japanese company FlexTech in May 2020, attracts not only individuals but also businesses by providing free 1 TB of cloud storage with security and user-friendly navigation. Now, Terabox has over 156 million registered users from 231 countries and regions worldwide and over 10 million daily active users.

Here, you can download old version of Terabox. Sometimes the latest version of Terabox or some of its features do not support your devices. Although old versions do not have many upgraded features or security measures, you can still use them as per your needs.

Download Terabox Old Version for Android


Terabox APK v3.27.1


Terabox APK v3.23.3


Terabox APK v3.23.2


Terabox APK v3.23.1


Terabox APK v3.22.3

We’ve provided 5 older versions of Terabox for your convenience. You can download the one that’s compatible with your device. Terabox’s older versions also offer some premium features that you can use free of cost.

Terabox Old Version

Terabox Old Version Features

Free Cloud Storage

Terabox offers you 1TB of free cloud space, and you can also subscribe to upgrade the plan to 2 TB. It is the best option for storing personal or official data, including up to 300,000 images, 450+ hours of videos, and millions of documents.

Ad Restrictions

My favorite feature of the app is its ad-free user experience, which is also available in older versions of Terabox. This feature restricts ads while you browse the app and helps you complete your tasks conveniently without any interruption.

Free Backups

The Terabox app allows you to create automatic backups of your data, including audio, videos, images, and documents. Additionally, it enables you to back up high-resolution videos for free, and you can always access your data backup before deleting your account. This feature is also available in old versions.

Use on Multiple Devices

You can log in to your Terabox account on multiple devices, such as smartphones, PCs, or laptops, simultaneously, and it works without issue. This feature is designed for users’ convenience, enabling them to access their accounts from any location, including during travel.

Personal Vault

Terabox’s flexible feature allows you to create a personal vault to store your private files and data. This personal vault is safe with extra security layers. You can access this vault by using a 4-digit password.


We have provided five old versions of Terabox in this article for our users’ convenience so that you can download them according to your needs. Here, a question arises: what is the need for Terabox old version when we can use the latest version? Well, the answer is that some users have devices with low specifications, and the latest version of the app does not support them. They can still use an older version of Terabox with premium unlocked features.

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