Change Audio Language in Terabox

How do you change the audio language in Terabox? This question often arises among users, especially when watching videos that offer multiple language audio tracks. Having a seamless way to switch between audio languages during the video is crucial for enhancing user experience.

This article will help you explore the possible ways to change the audio language settings in Terabox MOD APK to make sure you can enjoy content in your preferred language.

How to Change Audio Language in TeraBox?

TeraBox, a popular cloud storage platform with a video player option, allows you to easily adjust audio language settings to customize your viewing experience.

Follow these simple steps to enjoy your content in available languages.

Step 1: Play the video in Terabox APK player and change the view into landscape mode by tapping on the bottom right corner icon.

Step 2: Then, navigate to the top right three dots option to find the audio track switch menu.

Change Audio Language Method

Step 3: Here, four options for audio tracks, subtitles, volume, and brightness will appear, and you have to select ‘Audio Tracks’ to view the available tracks audio language list.

How to Change Audio Language in Terabox

Step 4: Now, opt your desire language from the available list and the Terabox player will switch the audio to your chosen language.

Note: If a video has more than one audio track, you can switch between them using the Terabox Android App. But if there’s only one audio track, you won’t see any track options.

More Features in TeraBox Video Player

Terabox HD video player is highly recommended as it provides various premium features to improve the user experience.

High Resolution Video Playback: The Terabox MOD video player provides high-resolution video playback and converts low-quality videos into HD videos. This unique feature sets it apart from other apps.

1TB to 2TB Free Storage Space: Users can enjoy between 1TB to 2TB of free storage space, which means they can safely store a lot of videos. This feature makes it convenient for users to keep their video files secure and well-organized without any hassle.

User-friendly Interface: TeraBox’s interface is easy to use, perfect for watching videos, even if you’re not good with tech. It helps you find what you need quickly, making it search-friendly too.

Multi-speed Playback: TeraBox’s online player allows you to control video speed from 0.75 to 2.0X. It’s a great feature for watching educational videos at your own pace.

Numerous Video Formats: TeraBox supports many video formats like MP4, AVI, and WMV, so you can watch all your videos in one place easily. If you want top-quality videos and a safe place to store them, TeraBox is perfect for you. You’ll love it, trust me!

Upcoming Terabox Features

As TeraBox is committed to providing valued services to its users compared to others, in the coming days, you will experience some new features in the app.

Clear Cache Function: TeraBox is developing a cache-clearing feature to help users save storage space by removing unnecessary files. This function enables users to free up additional storage space on their devices without deleting important files.

Personal Data Security: The Terabox engineering team ensures the security of users’ personal data during transmission by using encryption techniques. This important feature serves to prevent unauthorized access and guarantees the confidentiality of users’ sensitive information.


Terabox, renowned for its unique ability to switch audio languages to match your preference, stands out with its impressive features like a user-friendly interface, strong security, and extensive video format support. These qualities make Terabox Mod apk a powerful and distinctive choice among cloud storage options.

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