How to Delete Your Terabox Account

TeraBox is a valuable solution for someone struggling with limited data storage capacity on their Android or iOS devices. TeraBox MOD APK serves as a cloud storage server, allowing users to securely store up to 1TB of data, including images, files, documents, audio, and videos across various mediums.

If you find yourself needing to permanently delete your TeraBox account, here’s a detailed method to guide you through the process. Deleting TeraBox account is a simple procedure that can be completed in just a few steps. While many users admire the ad-restricted feature of the TeraBox MOD app.

By following the step-by-step guide below, you can permanently deactivate or delete your account within the TeraBox Mobile app.

How to Delete Account

How to Delete TeraBox Account on Mobile?

Here’s how to delete TeraBox account using the official TeraBox app. You can get the app from the Play Store. Just follow these steps to delete your account easily:

Step 1: Log into the Terabox app on your device. If you’re not using the premium or mod version, just ignore the ads.

Step 2: Tap on your profile and go through the “Settings”.

Step 3: Now, tap the “Security Centre” option on your screen.

Step 4: Here you will find the Delete option and tap on “Delete your Account”

Step 5: It will ask you the reason why you are deleting your account, answer if you want; otherwise, safely ignore this and read the precautions carefully.

Step 6: Finally, tap on ‘Delete your Account’ and confirm the pop-up to proceed with the deletion.

Your Terabox account has been deleted now. Here, we have some suggestions for your benefit before your account is deleted.

Take These Steps Before Deleting Your Account

If you have decided to permanently delete your Terabox account, it is recommended to take some crucial steps beforehand. Here are the steps:

Contact Customer Support: If you are deleting your Terabox account due to any app-related issue, please contact Terabox Customer Support before taking any steps. Perhaps the support team can address your problem and you may change your decision.

Back up Your Data: Before deleting your account permanently, make sure you have backed up all your data because once the account is deleted, you will lose your data.

Confirm Account Deactivation/Deletion: Before you delete your account, make sure you’ve done everything to keep your data safe. Once you confirm, you won’t be able to log in again. Also, your account will be signed out from all devices.

Why You are Deleting the Account?

Deleting a Terabox account can happen for a few reasons, like if customers prefer it or if there are better storage options. Afterward, we can notice some important factors.

No More Need for Cloud Storage: Users sometimes don’t need cloud storage anymore. When that happens, they delete their Terabox account.

Privacy Concern: Some users deactivate their accounts due to privacy issues. They think it could be risky to keep personal data on Terabox cloud storage.

Better Storage Option: Sometimes, users find storage servers better than Terabox, so they choose those instead.

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